Excellent service while providing personal space is the primary reason for our members selecting the brigade hospitality upgrade.

An individual has many places and opportunities to experience hospitality in Bangalore. However, in many of these places, personalized experience is missing. For the last 18 years, Brigade Hospitality has provided personalized service to its members along with many benefits :

  • Service Level: Whether a waiter who remembers how you like your dish to be prepared or the manager who remembers your special anniversary dates, the staff at Brigade Hospitality work hard to keep their members happy.
  • Social Connections: A variety of activities and events provides members of all ages with the opportunity to meet new friends and form bonds that can last a lifetime. Our members automatically have something to talk about because they share an interest in an active lifestyle.
  • Professional Connections: The same commonalities that make it easier to forge friendships at Brigade Hospitality Clubs, make it easier to widen your business or professional networks.
  • Sports Facilities: Yes, health is wealth! Membership fees help our clubs to maintain excellent sports clubs / facilities for members. Our swimming pool, badminton courts, squash courts, modern gymnasium and many more facilities are open to members and their guests at Brigade Hospitality.
  • Affiliated Membership: While travelling to various parts of the country, our members have access to well-known clubs through the Brigade Hospitality membership. Members have access to Madras Race Club, Royal Western India Turf Club and many more.
  • Family Fun: Whether attending a seasonal party, signing up for a class at our sport facilities or just hanging out at the pool together, there is always something fun for the family to do at a Brigade Hospitality Club…. when you need a little space, the kids can take up an activity at the sports club – While you work out at the fitness centre or enjoy a salon session or grab lunch with friends.
  • Dining Out: From burgers to world cuisine in an elegant restaurant, you will find the perfect meal with the best service at Brigade Hospitality Clubs. Also, our members get exclusive offers at eight Brigade Hospitality owned hotels – Sheraton Grand at Brigade Gateway, Four Point by Sheraton at Kochi Infopack, Grand Mercure at Bengaluru, Mysore & Gandhinagar Gift City, Holiday Inn at Racecourse, Bengaluru & OMR IT Expressway, Chennai and Holiday Inn & Suites at OMR, Bengaluru.
  • Events & Gatherings: Is there a Wedding, Mehendi, Haldi or Sangeet in the family, or do you need a meeting room to host an important event? Our club membership means you have special access to all the amenities including banquet halls and the services of an experienced hospitality staff.
  • Uncomplicated Investment: Membership to a Brigade Hospitality Club is an investment rather than an expenditure, especially when you consider all the money you and your family will save on social gatherings & events, sports clubs / facilities, and fitness centre memberships. Also, the new connections in social and professional circles!

At Brigade Hospitality, we have designed membership programs and opportunities to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for tenure-based membership or corporate membership or multi-club brigade membership, we are here to assist with any questions you may have about your selection.

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