The game of Squash is growing in popularity across Sports Clubs in Bangalore.

So here are six reasons to play squash this summer: 1) GET FIT: Squash is a fast-paced game that requires endurance. You burn upward of 700 calories in an hour of the sport. Moving quickly between turns with short bursts of energy is a fun way to keep heart and waistline trim as you play the sport weekly – be it match or practice! 2) PLAY ANY SEASON: There are many fun ways to exercise, but very few provide year-long enjoyment! Squash being an indoor sport, you can avoid weather gods playing spoilt sports! Play any season of the year and make it integral to your lifestyle. 3) PLAY INDIVIDUALLY or as a TEAM: A game of squash can be an individual sport. You can be your own opponent and practice shots alone for a great workout or grab your partner and land up at a squash court for healthy social activity. 4) NOMINAL EQUIPMENT: The gear includes balls, racquets, protective goggles and non-marking shoes. There are no set clothing rules on the squash court. You can wear clothing that is worn to any fitness class. 5) EASY RULES: Simple rules and are relatively simple to remember. You will be surprised by how easy it is to pick up the basics. A 30-minute orientation session is enough to get you going. 6) BYE-BYE STRESS: The exhilarating feeling of connecting with the ball during a smash – Something satisfying about the smash of a racket! Also, the rush of competitive spirit while practicing alone or playing a game with a partner. This form of exercise is a great way to reduce stress. The endorphins produced during this high endurance game help reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle long after the game. It also helps you focus and concentrate as you clear your mind and keep yourself in the present moment. So, this summer, sign up for our membership programs at any of our Brigade Clubs. The membership will give you access to the best squash facilities that a Sports Clubs in Bangalore can offer along with great hospitality. Whether you are looking for tenure based membership or corporate membership or multi-club brigade membership, we are here to assist with any questions you may have about your selection for a lifestyle club.

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