Women need ways to unwind from hectic work & family schedules.

Swimming is a low-impact aquarobics activity that works towards lean muscles and helps women sustain a healthy weight. Studies suggest that swimming helps one cope with their life’s stresses by experiencing a feeling of accomplishment, taking the mind off daily worries and presenting a means for social interaction. Swimming also helps combat depression.

Hence, here are four reasons to take up swimming this Women’s day

  • Swimming As Exercise: Swimming engages the major muscle groups such as legs, arms, back, shoulders and abdominal muscles. It increases flexibility, which helps prevent injury and builds long term cardiovascular health. It is the perfect workout for toning areas such as arms and the belly.
  • Maintain Healthy Weight: Various health studies recommend two and half hours of weekly, moderate cardio activity such as swimming helps maintain a healthy weight. Freestyle, the most common style of swimming, helps burn between 470 to 560 calories within a one-hour session.
  • Depression: Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression and anxiety along with loss of sleep. Generally, swimming is done in a quiet environment with few distractions and as it releases endorphins that make you feel good and ward off depression. This form of exercise can be adapted to your fitness level and preference.
  • Meditation And Stress: Recently, health reports suggest that women have rising levels of stress compared to men. Women also reported more physical and emotional symptoms related to stress. Swimming has been termed as a form of meditation and provides you with a feeling of tranquility and peace. As you swim at a consistent pace while focusing on your breathing and swimming rhythm will automatically relax your mind.

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